Arcade Basketball Insanity

Act I

(Click the image below to play the video clip)

Act I Arcade Basketball Pic

Anticipated student question:

How many more shots will he (the man on the far left) make before time expires?

Using a number line, make a low and a high estimate.  Then make a “just right” estimate.

number line
Act II

Information needed:

Basketball Act 2


Watch the reveal.

Act III Arcade Basketball Pic


He makes eighty-five shots in the last 34 seconds.


6 thoughts on “Arcade Basketball Insanity

  1. FYI, the first video does not play, I tried it on Chrome and IE. Luckily I found it on youtube and I can see the start and end times you selected, but it would be nice to fix that first video. The last one works so I know it’s not a browser problem. Thanks!

  2. I was look for 3-Act tasks for a basketball centered math night and this was perfect thanks for sharing. Also, it appears that the Act 1 video is no longer available.

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